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Each Rupee Matters

Over the past 1 year we have rescued, treated, rehabilitated, vaccinated and sterilised many dogs and cats from the streets. So many people have come forward to help us. Some have even donated anonymously. We are encouraged by such support and continue to help these kids on the streets. Help us by donating whatever you can. the doctor's bills are mounting... yet we know someone like you will always be there.

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As the activities of PYAR Foundation keep increasing, we have more and more jobs to handle everyday. We need excited, passionate and animal loving pawlunteers across India who will help us. As a registered NGO we can issue work certificates to you and mention you on our pages. And obviously get you blessed by all the kids that you help. There are jobs that need your physical time, but you can also help sitting at home or on your computer or mobile.


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Help get adoptions done

We need Pawlunteers who will coordinate with prospective adoptees on a daily basis. To take their calls or messages and explain the process to them. this can be done virtually. If you can donate physical time, we need people who can go to check houses of the adoptees and verify their claims.



Help to spread the word

We need Pawlunteers to handle our social media pages and website. Post images, posters, and appeals. And engage in conversations with donors, followers and adoptees. You can do this from anywhere you are. It is a regular and ongoing responsibility.



Help us control the indie population

This requirement is specifically for Malad West, Mumbai. We work closely with BMC to sterilise dogs and cats in Malad West and Mudh Island. We need volunteers who can physically be present at the time of picking up the animals from predesignated points. This drive happens during the day on pre-decided dates.

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They are waiting for you...

Thousands of animals born or abandoned on the streets are waiting. For medical help. For food. For shelter. For a home. For love. From today, let's pledge to give them their right. Join us to show them some PYAR.
PYAR Foundation is a group of animal lovers who aim to make this world a better place by living alongside them. We work to rescue and rehabilitate destitute animals on the streets. Sterilisation, vaccinations, rescue, medical help, fostering and adoptions are some of our projects. We need all the help possible in form of donations, pawlunteering, spreading the word and a pawsitive attitude. Join us to get life lessons from our pawsome friends. Pawllow us. Become a Pawlunteer. Share our appeals, videos, reels and posts on Instagram.

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PAWFECTION by Vikram Bawa

Mowgli met with an accident when he was 3 months old. He was paralysed for a month. He was rescued and went through neuropathy, accupuncture and physiotherapy. He collapsed once again. And stood up again after another round of treatment. This is Mowgli's 2nd shot at life. And Vikram's first shot with him. Both refuse to give up till they get it right. Be like them. Be Pawfect!

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Who rescues who?

When you rescue an animal, they rescue you.

Riya Bhattacharje rescued Jiggly from the roads in Mudh Island, Mumbai (India) when she was run over by a vehicle. Her front leg was shattered. She was given more love than medicines and soon Jiggly found a forever home with Riya. There are thousands of Indie dogs and cats in India who are run over by vehicles, exposed to harsh weather and tortured by humans. They need treatment, care and homes. PYAR Foundation hopes to join all those kind hearted souls to help destitute animals and help create a happy world of co-existence of humans and animals. As Riya discovered, it was Jiggly who changed her life and rescued her. Not the other way round.

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Our Causes

There are thousands of social workers and organisations who are relentlessly working to rescue and rehabilitate destitute animals across India. But the efforts are never enough. We need more support from all of you to make this world a better place for all these helpless animals.



The biggest problem in rescue and rehabilitation of animals on the streets is the booming population. If this population is controlled there will be lesser human-animal conflict, there will be lesser deaths of pups and kittens and we can have healthier animals in our society. We are working with BMC, various private clinics and doctors who are helping us. But we need funds, volunteers and foster homes to carry on sterilisation projects on a regular basis.



Accident and trauma cases are the next problem on our streets. Intentional or unintentional trauma needs large amount of funds, volunteers on the streets, dedication and time with fostering and finally an intense initiative for physical or virtual adoption. Spread the word when we post a case. Donate whatever you can. It could even be your time to take an animal to the doctor. Open your heart and home to foster a child till they find a forever home. Either physically adopt a child into your home or virtually help us with funds to take care of a child at a shelter or on the streets.

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Cherish Bungalow. Patilwadi. Mudh Island. Malad West


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